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The End of Suffering - Stephen Wingate

One can get rid of habits only with considerable difficulty. Once the habits are formed, it takes quite some time to get out of them. Similarly, although you have got this knowledge now, what it gives you, you don’t know yet. Because you have been associated with the body-mind for such a long period, to get rid of that will take some time. But for you to become established in the knowledge, reflecting and meditating on it is very essential. For that it is necessary to quit one habit you are normally given to and substitute another habit. Now what is this substitute habit? It is to think constantly that you are not the body. For example, if you engage yourself in a quarrel with somebody, observe and understand clearly that there is a quarrel started by your mind, but you are only its witness. If you don’t participate, whether there is a quarrel or not is no longer a concern. All the worldly activities happen through the mind. If you think “I am the body-mind”, then you are doomed. When you are absolutely one with Brahman, you don’t resort to mind. So there is no sound or you cannot talk. You stay put or keep quiet. To talk, you have to take advantage of this instrument, the mind. So you need to get a little detached from Brahman; then only the talk can come out.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Sailor Bob Adamson with John Wheeler - Non Duality

Put your awareness to work, not your mind. The mind is not the right instrument for this task. The timeless can be reached only by the timeless.

—Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Spiritual authority is an inside job.